1933 Beef Jerky, Bakersfield, CA
1933 Beef Jerky, Bakersfield, CA
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1933 Jerky

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1933 Beef Jerky Original Flavor

1933 Beef Jerky Co is currently located in Bakersfield, CA. This world famous jerky has a smokey old school flavor that you will love!

Our secret jerky recipe has been passed down from generation to generation, often imitated but never duplicated. It is made today with the same love and care as when it was first perfected in the backwoods of America during the time of outlaws and moonshiners. Slightly sweet, a little bit of tang with just the right amount of spices and seasoning to set this perfect blend apart from everything else on the market today.

Try the best beef jerky in the world and you’ll never settle for less again. Order our Sample package, with a 2oz package of every flavor we offer: Original, Teriyaki, Peppered and Red Hot and decide which one is your favorite... if you can!

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