1933 Beef Jerky, Bakersfield, CA
1933 Beef Jerky, Bakersfield, CA
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A little about 1933 Jerky and hot Sauces.

1933 Hot sauces and dressings fill a need in the market by adding a spicy twist on traditional offerings as well as a rich history attached to our brand and a great support system of social media and marketing. Our unique spice takes on Ranch, BBQ, and Mustard offerings with a habanero kick offers the broadening “heat” market great options for their condiment selections.


We have also developed a line of hot sauces that range from Traditional Chipotle hot sauces to our ultra-hot Scorpion sauce. We include heat meters on our sauces to inform the guest as well as provide a novelty feel to the upper limits of our products.


We have a reliable chain of production and are able to scale to any size for any market at any volume, and we are committed to servicing our clients with whatever assistance may be required.


Hailing from Bakersfield California, our concept lends itself to the rustic and gritty world of hot sauce royalty. The San Joaquin Valley is known for its’ rich agricultural history and development as well as the hard scrabble folks who toiled the fields all day and came home to their favorite recipes of hot sauces at night.


Our products have a great history, they have an excellent and unique social media support mechanism, we are scalable to any size, and we are dedicated to making our product a success in any way possible. We would love to be able to add your company to the list of retailers who proudly carry our products.

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